Worlds first VR Shaman. Creating & directing immersion for brands, industry and people. VR DJ.


Worlds first VR Shaman. Creating & directing immersion for brands, industry and people.


On my way to XRBASE in Neukölln

On my way to XRBASE in Neukölln


Sara Lisa Vogl

A background in Communication Arts & Interactive Media and in love with the idea of new worlds, I'm on a mission to explore what the heck XR is and their true potentials for the future.

Besides developing and directing immersive virtual and augmented realities and setting up the content creation network XRBASE I'm curating long-term VR trips and guiding people on these trips as the worlds first VR Shaman.

In my freetime you can find me giving talks and holding workshops about mixed realities or DJing at parties as VR DJ. 

I graduated with honors in Communication Arts and Interactive Media from  Design Factory International in Hamburg. After being a cofounder of VR Nerds and spending the early days of VR in 2014 with the hamburg based team co-creating experiences and engaging with the young community through our blog and youtube videos, i moved to the buzzing startup city Berlin. Since 2016 i'm working with my business partner Daan Kipp to unite and unlock the potential of the european XR scene with our network XRBASE

I balance my day job with personal creative work, like interior design, theater and some small urban street labels which garnered attention from a few indie publishers. After my first book publication with a DYI label, which was a lot of fun, i focused my professional career completely on Immersive Technologies which is my deep passion and source of constant wonder and amazement . 

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find points of tension behind the idea I’ve been assigned or am interested in. I don't go straight ways but love the little detours that are necessary to mature and lead to a richer more integrated result of work and generate value for the user. #DetailMatters





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